Is there Macedonian Minority?

Is there a 'Macedonian' Minority in Greece?

In view of all the facts given above, it is not reasonable to argue that there is a 'Macedonian' minority in Greece. In the past, there were undoubtedly persons with a Slav national consciousness, who sometimes behaved as Bulgarians and sometimes as Slav-Macedonians. But after the Second World War and the end of the Greek Civil War, these persons took refuge elsewhere, principally in Yugoslavia. There, in conditions which can easily be imagined, they were given suitable training and guidance and the overwhelming majority of them were absorbed into the local Slav environment.

Greece, rightfully rejects the claim advanced by Skopje for recognition of a 'Macedonian' minority for the very simple reason that, since the Greek-Bulgarian exchange of populations in 1919 and the departure of the 'Slav-Macedonians in 1949 there has been no Slav minority in Greece. Some remnants of a population group with a Slav national consciousness emigrated to countries such as Canada, Australia and the United States. The very small group still speaking the slavic dialect in Greece demonstrated their Greek national consciousness in practice by refusing to join SNOF or NOF (the Slav National Liberation Front and the National Liberation Front)

Forty years after the events of the 1940s, the drift of populations to the cities, general social mobility, a modern educational system and a higher standard of living have all contributed to greatly reducing bilingualism that is, the use, in addition to the main Greek language of the suigeneris Slav (Bulgarian) dialect which Skopje persists in calling the 'Macedonian language'. Some of the Greeks of northern Greece learn the dialect for reasons of commerce or tourism.

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