Alexandrion Doma


"Alexander the Great" Institute!

Dedicated to the life and accomplishments of the victorious army commander of the Macedons, Alexander the Great, who visualized and began materializing  the idea of a "Greek universe" by taking the Greek civilization and language to the most distant parts of the then known world. 

This magnificent Building of witch will be a perpetual beacon for research and enlightenment of the historical work and insurmountable deeds of Alexander, was build under the initiative of  the Pan-Macedonian Associations USA, Canada, Australia, Europe.

The building will serve as an international cultural center, in a historical and convenient location near the ancient Macedonian city of Dion, on the national highway Thessaloniki - Athens in the prefecture of Pieria in Northern Greece, overlooking  "Mount Olympus" just few steps of the Aegean Sea.

Under the title of "ALEXANDRION DOMA" the building will incorporate an imposing museum room, lecture hall, library, as well as areas for scientific research. In addition, it will be used to host international conferences on Alexander's historic work. In the above conferences will participate representatives of different universities. Professors and historians from around the world. The focuses of those international conferences will always be the true search and the scientific proof of His Work and Acts.

In closing, we have considered the realization of this project the minimum that we could have done to honor the magnificent work that, the great Macedonian king left to us.

The Official Inauguration of the Building Facilities of the International Foundation of Alexander the Great in Greece was completed on July 23, 1999.

The "Alexander the Great Institute" is being created to the honour of the great Macedonian King of Greece.


NOTE: The building took its present shape after generous donations and contributions received from members of the Foundation, the Pan-Macedonian Association of U.S.A. and Canada, and from different Ministries of the Greek Government. Notwithstanding, we have to acknowledge that we would not have reached this historic moment if we did not have the continuous support and guidance from Professor and Archaeologist  Dimitrios Pantermalis - who is also the Foundation's Executive Director in Greece.