Redemption of the Nation

Friday, February 14 1992, has been a landmark in the history of Greece. It has the date that we, the Macedonians, in our long-standing capital held our rally in order to support our name from the usurpers of our national identity and heritage. The rally was, by general consent, gigantic and redeeming. Never before had there so many people gathered and so much national passion been expressed in the whole of Greece. Men and women, elderly and children from every place of the Greek Macedonian land shouted as one: "We, the Macedonians, are here," "Macedonia is Greek." Employees, students and farmers, pupils, scientists and tradesmen, teachers, priests and tutors, factory workers and other professionals, the entire community represented the people coming from the past, present and future. The whole of Macedonia was, is and will be here. More than a million citizens of Greece according to calculations by foreign News Agencies such as the "Associated Press" and CNN, participated in this demonstration held in Thessaloniki.



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