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Pan - Macedonian Association of Canada
(Greek-Canadian Non for Profit Organization)
"Member of the Greek Council Abroad" (SAE)


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Our Districts
Alexandrion Doma


Our Goals, Aims, Administration & Membership

Our Association is an umbrella organization with member societies representing cities, towns and villages of Macedonia, a prosperous region of Greece. The association was created in the city of New York USA (in April of 1947) with the goal of uniting all of the Macedonian societies of  USA and Canada. Since then, the association operated continuously making an impressive presence within the Greek and other communities.

In addition to its strength which enables it as a large organization to have a bond, a communications network for the Macedonians of the Greek Diaspora, it accomplishes also an important task in projecting our history, in perpetuating our cultural heritage and in informing our fellow American and Canadian citizens so that they may not fall victims of misinformation.

Administratively, the Canadian Association, it operates under a "National Council" and in the USA under the "Supreme council" which is elected at the annual conventions with the participation of delegates appointed especially by each member-organizations or chapter.


The Preamble of our Constitution

"We, the members of the Pan-Macedonian Association, now citizens and/or permanent residents of Canada, having migrated from Macedonia, Greece and/or descendants of such immigrants, seek by union among us to preserve and promote our glorious heritage and culture, contribute to the common welfare of our communities, nations, and the land of our forefathers, and enhance the brotherhood among us".



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