Our Origin
Turning Bulgarians into
Map of our birth place
Macedonia in 1903
A Map of Our Origin
GREECE, the homeland of the Macedonians the homeland of Alexander the Great!


   Greece, the cradle of Western civilization, the origin of drama, history, philosophy and the birthplace of democracy proper.  Impossible to imagine what life would be like today without the influence of that Greek civilization of ancient Greece. Impossible to imagine what the world would be like to day without the geometry of Euclides or Pythagoras, or the logic of Aristotle /Aristotele’s, the unique architectural style and so on which has influenced architects all over the world. What about the fables of Aesopos known to children around the globe. 

   The Olympic Games, the inspiration of world-peace and brotherhood, firstly conceived and organized by the Greeks; or the Greek language which has enriched so many other languages (especially the English) with so many words and concepts such as: philanthropy, harmony, music, techno, sophistication, architecture, ecology and so many more of others words.

   GREECE, high mountains such as the Pindus range (also known as Greece's backbone) or Mount Olympus, known as the nest of Greek Gods, with its summit the Pantheon, the highest peak in Greece at an altitude of 2,917 meters). What about the entire range of mountains in the regions of Macedonia and Thrace intersected here and there by a few valleys and small rivers. On the other hand, the endless lacework of the coastline produces a series of scenic surprises. It is these heavily indented shores, which give Greece such rare beauty, quite unique in the Mediterranean.

   GREECE, a country of overwhelming history and culture with a bunch of people known so well for their hospitality.